Conversion Pricing

The following are the tentative charges for our Conversion Services:

Complexity Level Low Medium High
Managed Servives Rs. 400/- per page* Rs. 600/- per page* Rs. 800/- per page*

*The above prices are only indicative and may vary in respect to the complexity of the business reports.

For computing the exact pricing we need to compute the required efforts based on various parameters including the following:

  • Company Size
  • Whether Listed and if yes, in which exchanges
  • Total number of pages
  • Whether a Holding company
  • Whether Consolidated Statements Prepared
  • Number of Subsidiaries
  • Number of Joint Ventures and Associates
  • Number of Related Party Transactions
  • Conformity of Disclosures with Revised Scheudle VI
  • Conformity of Disclosures with Accounting Standard Requirements
  • Expected Delivery Timeline
  • Availability and Quality of Last Year Conversion

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